What Makes HSHA Unique?

UPDATE Harbin School of Healing Arts does not plan to offer classes in 2018. Please visit our Facebook page or join our mailing list for updates.

Beautiful Location

Our school is only 2-3 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by pristine nature on land that has been enjoyed for its healing energy since before recorded history. Daily interactions with deer, wild turkeys, coyotes and foxes are common. We make sure our students and instructors have time to soak in the pools, take in a delicious organic meal in the Market or Restaurant, hike the trails, or rest in the shade near a small group of deer. Our students often remark on the powerful healing vitality they feel from Harbin, and how it’s an ideal place to learn the art of healing touch.

One student described a class as a “learning retreat”, and summarized the experience well: “My top three things to do: giving and receiving massage, camping in the wilderness and being at Harbin Hot Springs. What can be better?”

Excellent Reputation

Harbin Hot Springs is the birthplace of aquatic bodywork, beginning with Watsu®. We are the only approved school in the US to offer classes and training programs in these water modalities: Watsu®, Healing Dance® and WaterDance™.

Our students have gone on to find the freedom of their own practice or to work at premier spas in the Bay Area such as Cavallo Point Resort, Auberge du Soleil, Calistoga Ranch and many more throughout the country and the world.

Baechtel Creek Inn, one of the best-kept secrets of Mendocino County, has been hiring our massage therapists for more than a decade, and they love Harbin-trained bodyworkers! So says Jan Rodriguez, a manager at the spa: "Thank you! Love your school - every therapist we have ever gotten from there is wonderful!"

Flexible format

Our classes and programs are offered in a residential intensive form that allows each student to become totally immersed in the learning process. Choose the classes from our schedule throughout the year that fit your availability. You can finish a 500 hour program in six months or stretch it out over the year.

And if you’re not ready to jump into an intensive, there are a variety of events and workshops at Harbin Hot Springs that will introduce you to many of our modalities, like the Sunday Drop-into Aquatic Bodywork classes held in the summer.

Guiding Principles

All of our courses integrate the core principles of presence, breath, support and conscious touch while nurturing the innate gifts of each individual student. The values expressed in Harbin Hot Springs’ “Heart Conscious Statement” are also infused in to our curriculum and daily operations. Our instructors, staff and other healing professionals from the Harbin Community gather twice a year to share ideas, visions and collaborate in strengthening our curriculum and teaching in ways that will produce the best possible healing practitioners. Our collective vision is supported by the belief that by supporting the profession of healing touch, our students can have a positive impact on their communities and the world.

Amazing People

For nearly 40 years, students have come from all over the planet to learn in the birthplace of aquatic bodywork, and build careers that have taken them on incredible journeys – around the world, in and out of vital communities, and deep into their own personal growth. The large, world-wide community built by the school is more like a family – a family created and sustained by a commitment to healing the planet, one person at a time.