Embody Your Fullest Potential

UPDATE Harbin School of Healing Arts does not plan to offer classes in 2018. Please visit our Facebook page or join our mailing list for updates.

The mission of the Harbin School of Healing Arts is to nurture and inspire each student in finding and embodying their fullest potential. Our vision is the conscious healing of individuals, communities and the environment through integrative programs of bodywork and teacher trainings on land and in water.

Our Objectives

  • Provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to begin a career in the massage therapy and bodywork field whether it is on land or in water.
  • Provide instruction that enhances the connection between professional practice and doing healing, compassionate work, thereby assisting our students to find fulfillment in his or her career.
  • Provide professional, expert, heart-centered faculty capable of motivating students to their highest potential and empowering them with the skills and passions the instructors possess as the underpinning of their own professional work.