Programs for Land and Water

UPDATE Harbin School of Healing Arts does not plan to offer classes in 2018. Please visit our Facebook page or join our mailing list for updates.

The versatility of our school’s offerings allows nearly all of our classes to be applied as either a Core class or Elective toward a Training Program certificate*. To become a proficient bodyworker, it is reasonable to estimate 500 to 1000 hours of training and a year’s worth of practice. Completion of a training program at the Harbin School can be a great asset to your career, in many ways:

  • It shows your clients or potential employers your commitment to your profession, lending credibility to your practice, whether you work for yourself or for a resort/spa.
  • Being immersed in our unique curriculum, teaching style and the beauty of Harbin will help ground you, give you confidence and instill the tools of healing connection for your clients, giving you a solid, cohesive foundation from which to grow as a business, a healing professional and as a person.
  • All Harbin training hours are eligible toward the Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) certificate from the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). The CMT is not required in the state of California, but can give massage professionals more flexibility in maintaining a massage practice. PLEASE NOTE that the regulations for massage schools and training hours has changed in 2016. For more detailed information, read the latest news regarding these changes here
  • Our massage school and Harbin Hot Springs are world-renowned as a premier healing retreat and training center. A program certificate from our school will be recognized by employers and clients alike.
  • Many professional massage insurance providers such as ABMP and AMTA require 500 hour program completion to obtain a policy from them, providing protection for your practice.
  • A minimum requirement of completion of a 500+ hour program is becoming the norm in most states.

A popular feature of our school is that students can start at any time of the year at whatever level of training is appropriate for them. Students are free to choose and combine electives that best suit them within the requirement of their Training Program and to proceed at their own pace to successfully earn the desired Training Program certificates. Choose the classes from our schedule throughout the year that fit your availability. You can finish a 500 hour program in six months or stretch it out over the year.

Students can also take aquatic courses as electives in land massage programs, and vice-versa. We encourage our students to explore as many different options as possible, and we’ve built programs that allow you to find your calling.

Some students have also received training from other schools that may meet our class pre-requisite requirements or may be eligible for transfer into one of our training programs. Please contact the School Registrar if you wish to find out if your previous training can be included with your training at HSHA.

California Massage Certificate

All of our current Training Programs and nearly all of our Elective classes are eligible toward the 500 hour Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) certificate offered by the California Massage Therapy Council. This certificate is NOT required by the State of California – it is a VOLUNTARY designation meant to help massage professionals move about the state and practice with more freedom. *Please read important changes to CAMTC as of January 2016

Each city/county in California has established its own standards for massage professionals. Most California cities and/or counties require between 100-250 hours of training.

Students from states outside of California likely have requirements that differ from CAMTC. Some states will accept the 500 hour CMT certificate from CAMTC, but many others will not, or may require additional requirements to be met.

Prior to registering for classes with the School, students are encouraged to check with their local state, city or county ordinances for licensing requirements and the number of hours they require in bodywork training in order to set up practice within these areas.

For more information on our Training Programs: See All LAND Programs - - See All WATER Programs

For more information regarding California’s Certified Massage Therapist certificate:

* Enrollment in a Training Program is separate from registering for a class. Enrollment consists of contacting the Registrar to discuss your needs and the details of a Training Program. You will then be given an Enrollment Agreement form to complete.

Please read the catalog or website and view class descriptions that include information for all class materials and facts concerning the school and its programs which may be likely to affect your decision to enroll.