Watsu Provider - 320 hours

Students completing the Watsu® Provider Program are authorized to provide Watsu sessions only to the clients of, and supervision by, spas, clinics, and sports clubs. Watsu Providers cannot provide Watsu sessions as a part of their own private practice. Those being registered as a Watsu Provider acknowledge that their status is that of an intern and requires an annual renewal with 50 hours of Continuing Education until they complete all requirements to be a Watsu Therapist or to be registered as a Watsu Practitioner through WABA. Watsu Providers are registered by WABA alongside those who are already professionals licensed to work with the body. Classes can be taken in any order, as long as prerequisites are satisfied.

program requirements

50 Watsu 1
50 Watsu 2
50 Shiatsu 1
50 Anatomy Bones & Muscles
50 Anatomy Body Systems
50 Program Elective, Water or Land
20 Required Practicum Demonstration of Mastery
320 Total Watsu Provider  Program Hours

Required Practicum:

Documented 1 hour sessions: 20 Practice Sessions (10 sessions completed after Watsu 2)

Demonstration of Mastery:

After completing Watsu 2 and 20 documented practice sessions, a student must demonstrate mastery of the form and principles of Watsu by giving a session to a WABA authorized Instructor or Assistant. This demonstration can also be made under instructor Supervision, or during an audit of Watsu 2.

Estimated Program Tuition for Watsu® Provider 320 hr.

Tuition: $4,940 – 5,262
Registration Fee: $100
STRF: $2.50
Equipment: $42
Books: $110
Total: $5,194.50 – 5,517
Practicum: 20 hrs
$500-1,500  Addt. Cost

Book prices may vary depending on what electives are taken. Prices vary depending on auditing or which classes are chosen for electives.
The state of California created the Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) to relieve or mitigate economic losses suffered by California residents who were students attending certain schools regulated by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. Only students who are California residents are required to pay the STRF fee.

Registration Fee and STRF Fee ($.50 for each $1000 tuition) are non-refundable. No STRF charges until further notice.

Click here for more information on the STRF Fee.

Watsu® is a registered service mark assigned to Harold Dull.