Elective Class List

Depending on which program you have enrolled in, you might have elective classes to choose from.  Choose your electives from the list below.  Please review your program requirements or contact the registrar if you have any questions regarding which classes you will need to take.

Choose any three 16.5 hour classes to equal one 50 hour elective.

Advanced Therapeutic Massage Aquanatomy
Deep Tissue 1 Basic Healing Dance *
Deep Tissue 2 Waterdance 1
CranioSacral 1 Watsu 1
CranioSacral 2 Watsu 2
CranioSacral 3 Watsu 3
Anatomy Bones and Muscles Watsu 3 Adapted
Anatomy Body Systems  
Lomi Lomi Massage 16.5 HOUR WATER CLASSES
Pathology Basic Watsu
Reflexology * Clinical Ai Chi (EASY)
Shiatsu 1 Sacred Shapes
Shiatsu 2  
Shiatsu 3 16.5 HOUR LAND CLASSES
Traditional Thai Massage 1 Essential Business Skills
Traditional Thai Massage 2 * Ethics
Trigger Point Massage * Foundations of Touch
  Hot Stone Massage *
25 HOUR LAND CLASS Shiatsu Yoga *
Kinesiology Hot Stone Massage *
  Hot Stone Massage *

*Not offered in 2015