An Overview

UPDATE Harbin School of Healing Arts does not plan to offer classes in 2018. Please visit our Facebook page or join our mailing list for updates.

You don't have to decide on a Training Program before you register for any class that interests you. Many of the classes offered by the Harbin School of Healing Arts can be taken individually for personal growth, enrichment, to further enhance your career and to receive Continuing Education (CE) hours. All that is required of you is to observe the prerequisites that are listed under each specific class description as you dive into the individual classes of your choice. Later, if you decide to enroll in a Training Program, applicable classes that you have already taken can be applied toward the Training Program. This allows you to take classes at your own pace, and find out what modality is right for you before commiting to a particular program.

Enrollment in a Training Program is separate from registering for a class. Enrollment consists of contacting the Registrar to discuss your needs and the details of a Training Program. You will then be given an Enrollment Agreement form to complete.

Tuition for classes includes your stay at Harbin School of Healing Arts for the duration of the class; either camping outdoors, or setting up your bedding inside the classroom facility. This residential intensive format allows you to become totally immersed in the learning process. The staff and faculty are here to assure that your learning environment is nurturing, fun and full of self-discovery and that your stay here is pleasant.

Prior to registering for classes with the School, students are encouraged to check with their local state, city or county ordinances for licensing requirements and the number of hours they require in bodywork training in order to set up practice within these areas.

Please read the catalog or website and view class descriptions that include information for all class materials and facts concerning the school and its programs which may be likely to affect your decision to enroll.