Watsu® 3: Free Flow & Adaptive

Class details

  • Class Hours: 50
  • Instructor: Harold Dull & Cameron West
  • Prerequisites: Watsu 1, Watsu 2
    - Completion of 20 practice sessions
    - Recorded demonstration of competence
  •  Class Materials: Class Manual by the instructor. Bring a swimsuit and towels
  • Checkin at Harbin front gate as early as 12pm Sunday. You may enter the classroom building at 6pm to bring in your bedding and food if you'd like. Class orientation begins promptly at 6:30pm for a 7pm class start time
WATSU 3: Free Flow & Adaptive

Building on the materials covered in Watsu 1 & 2 this course provides comprehensive information and tools for adaptation and for entering into Free Flow. Watsu 3 is for people who have given enough Watsu sessions to develop a comfortable intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water and who are ready to further adapt and explore outside the form of Watsu 2. One half of the day focuses on working with special needs: physical and emotional issues with the use of float tools to assist with stabilization. And the other half of the day introduces rolls, wall and step work.

The blend of this course offers an overall experience of “spontaneous adaptation” and to new positions that can lead you into a gateway of "Free Flow". Movements for potential adaptive scenarios and Free Flow are demonstrated then practiced under the supervision of the primary instructor and assistants. In addition to combination of clinical and Free Flow, land and water classes will emphasis the importance of "being with" the client and the "Breath and Heart Connection".