Watsu® 3

Class details

  • Class Hours: 50
  • Instructor: Harold Dull and Alexis Lee
  • Prerequisites: Watsu 1, Watsu 2 -
    20 logged practice sessions (at least 10 given after Watsu 2) - Demonstration of Competence OR Audit of Watsu 2
  •  Class Materials: Class Manual by the instructor, Class Textbook: “Watsu®: Freeing the Body in Water” 4th edition by Harold Dull. Bring a swimsuit and towels
  • Course Details:

Watsu 3 fills the Watsu professional’s toolbox with rolls, step work, wall work, powerful stretches and other advanced moves, and ways to adapt each session as needed.

The focus is on ways to use the practitioner’s own body to brace stretches and be a fulcrum for lifts and rolls, and on ways the practitioner’s legs can become more active players, lifting someone into ‘leg accordions’ and being there when someone comes out of a roll. Rolls are the gateway to Free Flow, often leading the practitioner into new positions. Free Flow.

Besides teaching students techniques that can lead into free flow, students are introduced to adapting Watsu to a variety of client conditions and limitations. Students who want more training in this will want take Watsu 3 Adapted: A Clinical Approach.

Because this is the highest level of Watsu required for the Watsu Therapist Certificate, attention on land will be place on preparing students for professional practice.