Healing Dance - Shape & Space

Class details

  • Class Hours: 50
  • Instructor: Inika Sati Spence
  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Underwater Healing Dance, Healing Dance 1 or WaterDance 1
  •  Class Materials: Bring a swimsuit and towels
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Shape and Space consists of a beautiful and exciting repertoire of moves and an exploration of free flowing improvisation. In the construction, the dives embody a language with its own grammar and syntax. The key idea in Shape and Space is learning how to create pure, generous movement shapes that convey the receiver across the length and breadth of the pool, speaking their embedded messages to the receiver. The movements of Shape and Space are rooted in human developmental movement; in the animal movement of dolphins, seals, sharks, manta rays, snakes and jellyfishes; in elemental movement patterns seen in flowing water, and in archetypal templates that mirror our relation to spirit. The principle of chaos is honored in movements of a dynamic, arrhythmic, angular quality and also appears in formless free flow. In addition, Shape and Space explores the art of adaptation and facilitation of the interactive receiver.

Shape and Space is for those practitioners who believe in the healing power of movement and want to learn how to dance with their receivers in the water.
• Students will new moves/sequences in the water.
• Students will continue to refine how they use their bodies in the water.
• There will be exercises to bring the student’s focus on presence and breath.

This class is for you if you ae a WaterDance or Healing Dance student and want to expand your repertoire and find novel ways to be with your client.