Basic Watsu®

Class details

  • Class Hours: 16.5
  • Instructor: Davida Taurek
  • Prerequisites: None
  •  Class Materials: Class Textbook: “Watsu® Basic and Explorer Path" by Harold Dull
  • Checkin at Harbin front gate as early as 12pm Friday.
    You may enter the classroom building at 6pm to bring in your bedding and food if you'd like. Class orientation begins promptly at 6:30pm for a 7pm class start time.

In Basic Watsu, students will learn to support someone and stay grounded in water. They will learn the body mechanics that underlie Watsu (flowing with the movements as in Tai Chi) at first alone, and then with a person in their arms.

They will experience the stillness that is the ground of presence, and incorporate the way the heart and breath connection can be maintained throughout a Watsu, before having to memorize any sequence. Then a simple sequence of Watsu moves is taught.

Basic Watsu is a wonderful introduction to learning Watsu and to aquatic bodywork. Students can begin to be able to share this modality with family and friends immediately, but can also use this class to decide if Watsu 1 and other aquatic bodywork classes or training programs are appropriate for further study.