Class details

  • Class Hours: 50
  • Instructor: Alexander George
  • Prerequisites: 50 hour water class
  •  Class Materials: Class Textbook: Anatomy Coloring Book, 4th Ed. by Wynn Kapi, bring a swimsuit and towels
  • Checkin at Harbin front gate as early as 12pm Sunday.
    You may enter the classroom building at 6pm to bring in your bedding and food if you'd like. Class orientation begins promptly at 6:30pm for a 7pm class start time.

Aquanatomy is a 50 hour introductory course in anatomy. It focuses on the anatomy, physiology and kinesiology essential to aquatic bodywork, both surface and subaquatic. A dynamic "hands on" approach features interactive lecture, movement, contact games, guided meditation and palpation sequences to learn the basics. Time will be divided between land activities and then the direct application of newly acquired knowledge in water sessions.

 The course will cover the following material:
• Specific gravity, the effects of buoyancy, drag, temperature and water pressure
• The center of buoyancy and the center of gravity
• The dive reflex
• Everything about floats and weights
• The anatomical planes, terms of position and direction
• Overview of cartilage, bones, skeleton and muscles
• Surface anatomy palpation of structures
• Structure and range of motion of the main joints
• Traction, countertraction and the art of stretching
• Taking care of the neck and lower back
• Ideal vs. incorrect grips, based on the anatomy
• Analysis of Horse and Warrior Stance in the water
• Spiral Dynamic principles applied to head alignment, the spine, legs and feet
• Anatomical self-assessment in relation to aquatic bodywork

If you are a student of aquatic bodywork or a practitioner, this course will give you more confidence and knowledge as well as keep your client’s and your body healthy.