Shiatsu 2

Class details

  • Class Hours: 50
  • Instructor: Shinzo Fujimaki
  • Prerequisites: Shiatsu 1 or by instructor consent
  •  Class Materials: Instructor Manual and “Intermediate & Advanced Acupressure Course Booklet”, by Michael Reid Gach, PhD
  • Checkin at Harbin front gate as early as 12pm Sunday.
    You may enter the classroom building at 6pm to bring in your bedding and food if you'd like. Class orientation begins promptly at 6:30 pm for a 7pm class start time.

In this course students are focused on the supine position of Shiatsu. At the end of the week we review whole body treatment. Up to an hour and half of detailed Oriental theory including the 5 elements, Jitsu (excess) and Kyo (deficient) is taught at the beginning of each session to learn the basic understanding of diagnosis.

Shinzo’s emphasis is on learning to see the positive side of challenges of the body and mind through sickness. Main attention is paid to understanding the client’s body, mind, and spirit. Discover how to blend your healing energy, so both the client’s and practitioner’s energy open up to a higher level of healthy energy.

At least 35 hours will be spent in hands-on practice of these skills. Students will have ample time during each class session to give and receive Shiatsu under the supervision of the instructor.