Conscious Colors® Color Energy Therapy

Class details

  • Class Hours: 25
  • Instructor: Constance Hart
  • Prerequisites: None
  •  Class Materials: $65 to cover supplies
  • Checkin at Harbin front gate as early as 12pm Sunday.

This professional training teaches a comprehensive approach to Color Therapy and Energy Healing utilizing Color Aromatherapy that supports wellness in the bodymindspirit. This innovative holistic modality enhances any massage therapy practice and is ideal for massage therapists, estheticians, aroma therapists, yoga instructors and energy workers, as well as helpful for counselors, therapists, care givers and artists.

You will learn advanced information about the Chakra system, the benefits of 13 key colors and their body balancing benefits, the Conscious Colors® modality of Color Energy Therapy utilizing Color Aromas™ Therapy, healing affirmations and chakra/energy balancing techniques.

  • A thorough overview of the subtle energy system from the most ancient yogic perspective.
  • How the chakras (inner energy centers), spine (inner energy core), nadis (inner energy currents), prana (life force energy), aura (outer energy field), and microcosmic orbit all work together to create a harmonious system of inner and outer energy.
  • A broad overview of chakra imbalances in both underactive and overactive states.
  • Why Color is a vital and important energy source/support for the human body.
  • The healing qualities and benefits of 13 key Color Energies, their balance colors and how Color is related to the Chakras (inner energy centers) and Aura (outer energy field).
  • A simple Color meditation as a discovery process of the body’s energetic needs.
  • How to prescribe Color to help restore well being in the body’s organs, glands and major systems, as well as influence the mind and emotions.
  • Why deep healing is truly possible when utilizing the olfactory system, the body’s strongest sense.
  • An overview of the olfactory system.
  • Key basics of Aromatherapy as related to Color Energy Healing.
  • The unique methodology behind Color Aromas™ Therapy.
  • How to use the Color Aromas color aromatherapy products: color oils and color misters in healing sessions.
  • Why utilizing the mind and healing affirmations in relationship with Color Aromatherapy is a useful tool to creating positive change.
  • A vital Yogic deep breathing practice (deerga swasm) that supports healing.
  • How to write Color Prescriptions and healing affirmations.
  • A detailed Color Energy Therapy session protocol.